Paralyzed hind legs, a cat is offered a wheelchair and learns to walk again (video)

When he arrived at A Kitten Place, Nutmeg was badly injured and he couldn’t move properly. His sad fate will soften generous humans, who will bring him precious help on his path to recovery.

2 kittens barely a few weeks old recently arrived at the shelter A Kitten Placeat Brandonin Florida.

nutmeg, one of them, had localized injuries to the hindquarters. They were not to be taken lightly, because they were so strong that they prevented him from moving properly…

The kitten was dragging its hind legs on the ground

The poor kitty could only rely on his front paws to move his little body. Pained to see him in this state, the members of the shelter where he was will contact Walkin’ Pets for helping him.

This is a company that manufactures mobility devices for elderly or disabled animals. Jennifer Pratta member of the company, tells the Tampa Bay Times that the volunteers wanted offer Nutmeg an active and independent life », something he would never have been able to enjoy by remaining in this state.

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Walkin’ Pets / YouTube

That is why Walkin’ Pets generously donated a wheelchair to boost the joy of life of the 7-month-old kitten. nutmeg moreover, quickly got used to it.

A second gift for Nutmeg

But Walkin’ Pets was not limited to this gift. The company put the shelter in touch with a family from Massachusettswilling to adopt nutmeg with his brother, Wise.

The 2 brothers then took the plane a short time later to meet their new family, and never leave them again!

Sam Franciosa, the new owner of Nutmeg, recently gave an update on her condition. ” Vets are optimistic that with the help of his wheels, laser therapy and acupuncture, Nutmeg will one day regain his mobility “.

It is therefore filled with hope and good vibes that the new family now continues on its way…

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