Pap Ndiaye, a minister caught between “American multiculturalism” and “French universalism”

At 56, the Minister of National Education and Youth, Pap Ndiaye, a former history professor specializing in American politics, “is the very type of the academic with the calm voice, wearer of glasses with tortoiseshell frames”, can we read in the columns of Foreign Policy. As the American magazine explains, the appearance of his name in the composition of the first Borne government, in May, “had the effect of a bomb, triggering a torrent of comments from parents, teachers and trolls”.

In question, not his skin color – which was not even mentioned in the press, where, according to Foreign Policyshe would have made headlines in the United States – but her “American wokism”. Marine Le Pen, for example, felt that her appointment was “the last stone in the deconstruction of our country, its values ​​and its future”.

National Psyche

For the Washington magazine, criticism, mixing anti-Americanism and racism, has accumulated around Ndiaye because of his career. “It’s the connection between the United States and race that has some commentators fuming.” French born to a Senegalese father, he is indeed specialized in his

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