Overwhelmed, this independent refuge may have to close

Less than two hours from Paris, a shelter is in great danger: combining a lack of income and an increase in abandoned dogs, the independent structure is afraid of having to close for lack of being able to take care of its animals. “We have to manage to pass this difficult course”, declares Jean-Pierre Grzelczak, president of the Nargis refuge.

“We can’t afford the SPA”

It must be said that his modest establishment has few levers of action to make himself known: “we derive our income from adoption fees, abandonment, and a lot of donations from individuals, confirms the manager. But independent shelters like ours do not have the SPA’s means of communication, so we receive many, many fewer donations than it does”.

“This summer, we had a lot of abandonments linked to the Covid, explains Vanessa Passepont, director of the structure. You should know that an abandonment is necessarily traumatic for the animals. They don’t understand why they are there, what they did wrong. Some remain prostrate for days, we feel that they are suffering. Afterwards, it is our job to restore their confidence”.

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