Our Pet’s Name Can Reveal Our Food Preferences

While health crisis had made some people want to baptize their hairy companions “Covi” or “Rona” before preferring the following year “Pfizer” at the time of the vaccination campaign, the semantics around the receiptsofingredients or of drinks has long been a way for owners to recognize their animals while signifying their food preferences. The culinary subject being constantly drenched in new trendsdog and cat owners baptize their four-legged friends to the rhythm of fashions that come and go.

For a long time, “Ginger” (ginger) or “Peanut” (peanut) have been common baptismal names. According to Rover.com, which has compiled millions of dog and cat names chosen by American owners, we were already using these words in 2014 or 2015 to name our doggie.

In 2018, the owners preferred to draw inspiration from the components of a brunch to vary the pleasures with “Biscuit” or “Muffin”.

In this chapter, from new names enriched the menu: “Croissant” for a dog or “Latte” for a cat. Now the varieties of hot drinks have become real sources of inspiration for naming a cat. The name “Cappuccino” for example increased by 82% in one year and “Matcha” by 46%.

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