one of the babies will cause stupor


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On November 6, 2022, Anne Catherin, who lives in Montcet, in Ain, had the surprise of her life when she welcomed the litter of Ora, her Golden retriever dog. On closer inspection, one of the puppies is out of the ordinary.

Her hands were all green

The owner will realize that one of the three Golden Retriever puppies is… fir green. In the columns of the newspaper “Le Progrès”, she explains that she “had all green hands when taking it”.

Neither one nor two, she will rush to Google to try to understand why her male dog had such a particular color at birth.

Biliverdin found in bile

Be aware that puppies can come into contact with biliverdin, a green pigment found in bile. The pigment dyes the fur in the womb and the color fades after the puppy is born.

Even if her puppy will not keep its green hue forever, Anne wanted to mark the occasion. To respect the letter “T” of the year 2022 of the LOF regulations, it has chosen to name it “Telem”, a nod to the man Cetelem.

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