Oise: a new deer slaughtered, the controversy swells around the hunt



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A deer, tracked by dogs in Pont-Sainte-Maxence, in the Oise, was finally killed on Saturday October 29. Opening fire within 300 meters of homes is however prohibited by municipal decree. A not really isolated incident.

A deer hunted by a pack of dogs. To escape, he dives into the Oise, crosses the bank and finds himself near an industrial area, under the eyes of frightened passers-by. The dogs track the deer, then the animal is shot to death by a hunter on the other side of the bank. The animal was skinned and partly eaten by dogs. The incident took place in a town where hunting with hounds is prohibited 300 m from housing estates. It is authorized in public and private forests, except where prohibited locally. The mayor (LR)Arnaud Dumontierfiled a complaint.

“When you have a deer running through a town, you’re afraid that at some point the deer will shatter the lives of a woman, a man, and a child. So in front of me, I have the charge”he justifies. For its part, the hunting society maintains that the killing was regulatory, and denounces a controversy. Hunting with hounds has 10,000 practitioners in France, regularly singled out. In January 2021, at Chantilly station (Oise)a hunt that ended on the railroad had blocked 51 trains. Deer are frequently cornered in private gardens, and sometimes killed on the spot.

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