Ocean Viking: the administrative court of Toulon rejects three first appeals

The Toulon Administrative Court has been seized of appeals seeking to have ministerial decisions annulled by which access to French soil was refused to migrants fromocean viking. The lawyers of thirty of these undocumented immigrants are at the origin of these appeals.

The first ten files were discussed this Saturday during a hearing attended by four migrants. The six others have meanwhile been authorized by the judicial judges to leave the “waiting zone” where they were kept in Giens. In fact, the prefecture granted them an eight-day visa supposed to allow them to make their asylum applications.

Three migrants kept in Giens

Among the four survivors of the Ocean Viking present at the hearing, one is also free to move, but he preferred to continue his efforts by staying in Giens. The administrative judge considered that there was no longer any need to rule on his appeal.

The other three – two Malians and a Bangladeshi – are being held in the “waiting zone”. Their lawyers argued that their rights had not been respected (access to a lawyer, interview conditions, etc.). Their appeals were dismissed.


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