Obama called for rescue by feverish Democrats for midterm elections

On Friday, however, the two men spoke at the same time, in two corners of the United States: Joe Biden in Pennsylvania (northeast), Barack Obama in Georgia (south), two decisive states for the Democratic Party campaign. And both declined, basically, the same speech: it is a question of saving American democracy by blocking the Republicans, the party of Donald Trump.

The former president on the front of the stage

But the former Democratic president, playing with his sense of repartee and his art of “punchlines”, stole the show from the one who was his vice-president. “If they win, it’s impossible to say what might happen,” Barack Obama said Friday about the conservatives in verve and in shirt sleeves, savoring the enthusiasm of his audience in Atlanta. “I want you to get off your couch and go vote! Put down your phone, leave TikTok alone, go vote! “.

The former president – from 2009 to 2017 – had moved away from politics, devoting himself to other activities: production of documentaries, publications, philanthropy… But he made a remarkable comeback there, chaining meetings: after Georgia, he will be in Michigan and Wisconsin on Saturday, in Nevada on Tuesday, then in Pennsylvania.

The polls, to be taken with hindsight, predict for the moment that the Democratic Party will keep its precarious control of the Senate, but will lose that of the House of Representatives to the benefit of the Republicans. The recent rise in the opinion polls of candidates from the conservative right, including the most virulent foals of former Republican President Donald Trump, has raised fears in the White House of more massive losses than expected in the House. Even a tilting of the Senate.

A growing concern

Joe Biden, who prides himself on being a president close to the “middle class”, far from the microcosm of Washington, has nevertheless given the impression since the start of the campaign of remaining sheltered in the “bubble” in question. He travels regularly and raises funds for the Democratic Party, but the unpopular 79-year-old has not ventured into some hotly contested states such as Arizona.

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