Ô Petits Bontemps offers gastronomy at brasserie prices

The establishment, run by Olivier Bontemps, his wife Emmanuelle, allows the chef to work on his creativity, while preserving his family life.

Brasserie, tea room, take-out sale, tailor-made caterer for private or company parties and weddings… Ô Petits Bontemps is an atypical place in Biterrois in the gastronomic landscape of the territory.


Atypical because it is only open for lunches, with the exception of dinner on Fridays. Count 25 € for a meal with starter, main course, dessert. Atypical because it surprises with its location: at the André-Malraux media library in Béziers. Atypical because the chef, Olivier Bontemps, offers gastronomy, renewed every day, at a brasserie price. Finally, it is atypical because the chef has been able to create loyal dining and kitchen teams on which he can rely in order to carry out his many activities simultaneously, including that of a very active elected representative from Cabrerolles – La Liquière.

Olivier Bontemps forged his profession with great names in French gastronomy, whose journey he likes to tell. “I started out as a pastry chef and then head baker in the Jardin des Sens, in Montpellier, for the Pourcel Brothers. There, I realized my childhood dream and learned what is my strength today: respect of others, of the hierarchy, the sense of organization, the love of the job.”

But Emmanuelle, his partner having to prepare the National School of the magistrature, he must “go into exile” in Bordeaux. There he met another great name in the kitchen: Thierry Marx.

“Ah… Pauillac and Thierry, a wonderful memoryhe sighs. The memory of an extraordinary leader of men letting everyone’s personalities express themselves and pushing his seconds and all his teams to surpass themselves and create their own business. This is how I joined forces with Fabien Lefebvre to found the Octopus


Olivier Bontemps does not regret this experience and keeps the positive side of it.

From Ô Bontemps to Ô Petits Bontemps “The failure of this association was foreseeable because we both had a strong temperament. I then understood that I had to take on, alone with Emmanuelle, a business in which I would express my creativity in playful and tasty culinary proposals, made with seasonal and local products.”

The couple then created Ô Bontemps, in Magalas. Which is very successful, especially for its meats cooked for hours at low temperatures. However, the couple left the village in 2016 to open, in Béziers, Ô Petits Bontemps,“to change my life, especially to take care of my twins, to see them grow up”

. The pink corner of the brewery surprises with its “wall that has ears” and pink flamingos posed in the room. Olivier is very fond of anecdotes both for the wall and for the flamingos.

“The wall is in reference to Alice in Wonderland. As for the pink flamingos which indicate the number of the tables or which decorate the room, it started from a misunderstanding, or rather from a lost bet. During a party, the only pink flamingo that adorned the establishment was stolen. After a hunt for the flamingo that disappeared on social networks, it was returned to me. This created the buzz and, since then, a colony of flamingos nests with us. Every year for the Feria, we go to the bodega of the Pink Flamingos.”

. The Octopus, which became the Alter Native, owned by Gilles Goujon, a Michelin star. Attractive schedules Olivier opted for the creation of an establishment which would have neither staff constraints nor timetable constraints.

“We are open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday for dinner from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. The staff has no breaks and, like us, enjoys two days off a week.”Ô Petits Bontemps: 04 67 36 20 82.

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