Nuclear: the USA increasingly concerned

The White House National Security Council spokesman said the United States is increasingly concerned about a potential nuclear strike from Russia. This is a reaction to the latest New York Times article according to which Russian military leaders had conversations about the use of nuclear power. We talk about it with: Sonia Dridi, correspondent at BFMTV. Bruno Comby, polytechnician and nuclear engineer. Jean-François Colosimo, historian specializing in the world of Orthodoxy and author of “The crucifixion of Ukraine – A thousand years of religious wars in Europe” published by Albin Michel. Elsa Vidal, editor-in-chief of RFI’s Russian language editorial staff. Patrick Dutartre, General of the Air Force, former fighter pilot. And Jean-Claude Beaujour, international lawyer, specialist in the United States.

the | Duration: 22:19

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