nostalgic toys sold for thousands of dollars

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Lnostalgia is definitely a buoyant market. At the beginning of October, the American firm McDonald’s launched a “Happy Meal” menu, exceptionally intended for adults in its American restaurants. Distributed in a very limited way, the offer is no longer available. As a result, as our colleagues from CNBC have noticed, a parallel market has emerged. Some who have found the right vein have taken the opportunity to set exorbitant prices.

Thus, an Internet user from Colorado had fun offering his three collectible figurines on eBay with McDonald’s ultra-limited offer for the modest sum of 300,000 dollars (about 302,000 euros)… Not to mention the shipping costs that amount to $16.15. The price being “a little” above ground, no fan of the fast food brand followed the seller’s request. Indeed, eBay operating on an auction system, we do not know what was the offer made to the seller. This was obviously not enough. A few hours later, he put his three figurines back on sale on the same platform for “only” 10,100 dollars (about 10,200 euros) (to which we must still add the same shipping costs). A second offer which had received, Friday, October 28, at least two purchase proposals… without the amount being known.

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