North of Montpellier / Ganges: the Staff of a homeless man bites a mini greyhound and his mistress

The mini Italian greyhound bitten on one leg (©DR)

Monday morning in a street of Ganges, north of Montpellier, a pedestrian and her animal were bitten by the dog of a homeless person. A complaint has been filed with the police station. The victim was walking in the district of La Cadière his mini greyhound 2-year-old Italian on a leash, when they crossed paths with a homeless man in the company of his purebred dog American Staffordshire black weighing more than 50 kilos.

Not on a leash, not wearing a muzzle, he was very aggressive, suddenly attacking the pedestrian and her animal. She was bitten on her right arm, without however a deep wound, but she received stitches at the hospital, while her mini greyhound suffered a lot: a torn off toe, very painful jaw nerve, back blocked train which prevents him from bending down, in particular to relieve himself. He was examined by a veterinarian from Saint-Mathieu-de-Tréviers.

The veterinarian's medical report
The veterinarian’s medical report (©DR)

Police hearing

The gendarmes of the company of Lodève intervened and challenged the SDF who hangs out regularly in Gignac, but who from time to time stayed on Ganges, as was the case on Monday. After his hearing which lasted an hour at the Ganges brigade, he was released, but, after leaving the town with his Staff to join Gignac, he would have returned on Tuesday.

Stroller under attack

“We are worried because this Staff again attacked on the public highway in jumping on a stroller in which there was a 5-year-old child, fortunately unscathed, like the mother, very shocked “reveals the victim of Monday’s attack, on his guard and now accompanied by his partner, when they take out the mini greyhound. The couple filed a complaint.

Clermont-l’Hérault: a dog killed by another

In addition, Thursday, September 8 in the bed of the Rhonel, near the so-called Genie bridge, at Clermont-l’Herault, a pit bull who was walking with his owner, rushed on the 8-year-old shih tzu, who was near his mistress. Neither she nor a neighbor who came to their rescue could avoid the terrible fate of “Loulou”, fatally bitten by the pit bull, which also caused minor injuries to the mistress. The owner of the shih tzu has been traumatized since this tragedy, which is the subject ofa police investigation of the Lodève company. The pit bull and its owner have been found.

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