North Franche-Comte. Planet Wok, XXL Chinese restaurant, opens this Tuesday in Héricourt

At the heart of the restaurant, a locomotive and a wagon designed by a Chinese designer. On the walls, photos of the emblematic monuments of Paris, New York, London. An invitation to travel in the heads and on the plate. The dishes definitely have a taste of elsewhere. From the Middle Empire but also from all over Asia. A very rich cuisine that is not limited to rice and spring rolls.

Self-serve buffet

On board, Chen Bei, room manager, and Zhu Baochar, his wife, who is the manager of the establishment. “Planet Wok is an Asian restaurant with Chinese specialties but also from all over Asia”, specifies Chen Bei, originally from Shanghai. It uses the formula now tested and approved throughout Europe: all-you-can-eat buffet at reasonable prices for nems, spring rolls, fried noodles, chicken skewers, and other traditional dishes. And very wide choice, including for desserts.

On the menu: Chinese and Japanese specialties and the essential sushi, as well as forays into European cuisine. Pride of place will be given to salmon, oysters and shrimp.

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Play area for children

The restaurant is warm. “We wanted to create an airy space. We could have accommodated more than 400 people, but we limited it to 380,” explains Chen Bei. Children will have a play area so that parents can enjoy the dishes in peace.

After long months of work and a few site hazards, Planet Wok is finally opening its doors in what was a vast warehouse that was unoccupied for a long time in a business park where parking is very easy.

Aperitif offered this Tuesday

Chen Bei did not choose Héricourt by chance. “I was looking for a city where there weren’t very large restaurants. I didn’t want competition. Héricourt is good because there are a lot of villages around”. The entrepreneur is also targeting a rural clientele.

For this first day, Planet Wok puts the small dishes in the big ones. The aperitif is offered. It will be champagne for the guests.

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