Nîmes: a Pinocchio customer wins a year of free pizzas for finding a new chef

Le Pinocchio restaurant has found a pizza chef, after enlisting its customers last May. The managers had promised to offer a year of free pizzas to the person who finds him his recruit. This unprecedented initiative has borne fruit.

The restaurant Le Pinocchio in Nîmes had launched an appeal at the end of May to the people of Nîmes to find a pizza chef, with, as a reward, free pizzas. Five months later, bet won, the check is ready, proof that Le Pinocchio did not lie.

The Nîmes Romain Trubert will benefit, from the week of November 6, from a free pizza per week, for one year. This 30-year-old had, as soon as the initiative called “Save our pizzas” was launched, contacted his friend Loïc Constant, a pizza chef then in season in Corsica. “I immediately thought of him.” This thirty-year-old was convinced that the offer would correspond to his long-time friend, “passionate about his job”.

The new chef, also from Nîmes, was precisely trying to settle in the Roman city. Pinocchio’s offer was blessed ciabatta for him. He admits having had a “heart stroke” for this Italian restaurant, where he celebrated his 30th birthday (at the time it was still called L’Harmonie).

“I remember annoying the waitress, telling her to put a pizza oven in the restaurant!” His words, spoken during a drunken evening, became reality when Mathieu Bataille, new manager, bought the establishment in 2020.

The latter is very satisfied with the new chef. Among the ten applications received following the call of May 23, Loïc’s profile interested him “by its ability to create recipes”.

New creations on the menu

New pizzas, proposed by the chef, could see the light of day on the Pinocchio menu. Without revealing the recipe, he and the manager mention a pumpkin seed paste, as well as a truffle and caramelized onion pizza… Dishes that Romain Trubert, the scout for new talent, will have many opportunities to taste for free. But he recalls: “It’s not the gain in itself that challenged me, I did it more for Loïc.” However, this fan of Italian cuisine does not say no to the 52 pizzas offered that await him.

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