Nightmare in the kitchen: chef Etchebest back in Roussillon and on M6 this week to save the restaurant “Le Chalutier” from sinking

The famous starred chef is a regular in the department. And this time again, it’s to live a nightmare in the kitchen, near Argelès-sur-Mer this time. See you in front of M6 from this Thursday, September 8.

It is one of the most muscular culinary programs of the PAF (French audiovisual landscape). It must be said that with a certain Phillipe Etchebest in the kitchen, it is better to hold your own. When he speaks (loudly), we listen to him. His rants are in any case all the salt of this show that he has embodied for years, as in Top Chef. This time, it is therefore in Argelès-sur-Mer that Chief Etchebest has decided to crack down. By bringing help to Isabelle and Daniel from the restaurant Le Chalutier where the chef settled in the kitchen during the filming of the show, a few months ago.

To find out if the chef has managed to help them, go from this Thursday at 9:10 p.m. on M6. But before that, here is the “pitch”: “This couple dropped everything to acquire this tourist restaurant, and invested all their savings. They are accompanied on a daily basis by Mickael, Daniel’s son, who works in the kitchen. But as soon as he arrived, the chef quickly understood that this family history was not going to be easy. Because in this establishment, there are plenty of stories… whether in the dining room or in the kitchen”. The rest to be discovered on Thursday.

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