Nicolas Zepeda looking for a new lawyer

In full preparation for his appeal trial, Nicolas Zepeda and the cabinet of Me Jacqueline Laffont stop their collaboration, reveal our colleagues from L’Est Républicain. The Chilean was sentenced on April 12 by the Besançon Assize Court to 28 years’ imprisonment for the murder of Japanese student Narumi Kurosaki. His appeal trial will be held from February 21 to March 10, 2023 in Vesoul.

Me Jacqueline Laffont sent a letter to the Besançon appeal court on Tuesday, November 15, to record the end of the collaboration. A news that does not surprise, however, the people who follow the file. “I tried to defend Nicolas Zepeda against all odds, against the charges, against himself and sometimes against myself,” Ms.e Laffont to the jurors. His prestigious cabinet and the Zepeda clan would have separated “by common agreement”.

The Zepeda clan favors firms accustomed to media coverage

However, the Chilean will have no trouble finding a new lawyer, several having already made themselves known to his family to represent him on appeal. According to L’Est Républicain, for months, Humberto Zepeda – Nicolas’ father – has been increasing videoconferences with French criminal lawyers, in particular firms that have already had to manage media affairs. Some lawyers, with whom negotiations seem more advanced, have even visited the young Chilean in prison.

Narumi Kurosaki has not been seen since December 4, 2016 and her body has never been found. The 21-year-old student arrived in Besançon in the summer of 2016 for a year of study. Nicolas Zepeda and she formed a couple. But the young woman broke up. Nicolas Zepeda has continued throughout his trial to proclaim his innocence, despite numerous incriminating elements.

The appeal trial is scheduled for February 21 at the court of Vesoul. This leaves little time for the new lawyer to prepare. Therefore, a postponement of the trial to a later date could be requested. In the absence of a lawyer, the Assize Court would appoint one ex officio.

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