New online site sells ‘expired’ food products

The site offers different kinds of products for sale, mainly food.

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Lhe Finnish Foodello website, which sells products that supermarkets no longer want, for example because the expiry date has passed, is launching in Flanders.

The site offers different kinds of products for sale, mainly food, but also cleaning products, beauty and animal feed. Foodello has been delivering since last week in Flanders and plans to eventually expand to all of Belgium. The products are delivered from a warehouse located in Westzaan, north of Amsterdam.

Some products offered for sale have an expiry date that has passed, such as “to be consumed preferably before…”. These products can still be sold, confirms the Afsca, which recalls on its website the difference between a date of minimum durability (DDM or “to be consumed preferably before …”) for products that can be kept longer and a use-by date (DLC or “use by…”) for products that quickly perish.

With the date of minimum durability (MDD, “best before date”), the manufacturer guarantees that the food will be of impeccable quality until the expiry date. They can still be consumed after this date provided they are kept in good conditions and their packaging is not damaged. According to the Afsca, these are, for example, dry pasta, dry biscuits, cans, UHT milk, chocolate…

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