neighbors denounce ‘house of horror’ (video)

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A house of horror in Florida

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Ludivine Mazzotti

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According to the neighbors of this house, the owner lived in deplorable conditions inside the house with garbage and possibly even feces.

An unsanitary house

The man used buckets to go to the toilet and had no running water for years. He was burning his excrement in the yard.

The man recently sold the house to an investor. When he left his once-sold house, he just closed the door and left, leaving a dog and several cats inside. Without water or food.

Neighbors save the animals

A neighbor came to rescue the dog and took him to a vet for help. Several cats still live on the property.

The man had already been convicted last year of having rubbish and a broken down car outside.

The neighbors want the former owner to be held responsible for his actions towards the animals.

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