Nearly 60 master chefs paid tribute to Jacques Guillo, the former Michelin-starred chef at Guerlédan

About sixty leaders met on Tuesday, October 18, 2022, at the Guerlédan cemetery (Côtes-d’Armor). These members of the Master Chefs Association (AMC) of France were there to pay tribute to Jacques Guillo, founder of the Auberge Grand Maison, who died in November 2021. They were welcomed by the starred chef Christophe Le Fur, his successor since 2004.

On behalf of all the master chefs, Michel Blanchard, vice-president of the association, addressed the deceased: “Eternally, you will be part of this great family of master chefs to whom you have given and contributed so much through your dedication, your involvement in training and in the Best Apprentice in France (MAF) competition. »

An exceptional life

And to emphasize: “Countless professional and national awards, including the Legion of Honor, have crowned an exceptional professional career and an exemplary life as a man. Entire pages describing your merits might be blacked out, but your wisdom and humility would take a hit and you wouldn’t like it. »

At the end of the ceremony, a commemorative plaque was placed on the grave of the deceased, in the presence of his family. The toques continued their tribute to the late chef during a lunch at the Auberge Grand Maison.

This meeting was organized within the framework of the autumn congress of the AMC, (created in 1951, it is about the oldest association of French cooks), whose vocation is to promote “French culinary art”. Jacques Guillo became a member in the 1970s.

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