Nearly 200 cats, 2 dogs and 1 ferret discovered crammed into one and the same house!

Nearly 200 animals were rescued from a very precarious situation in Connecticut, United States.

Sometimes, some people accumulate a very large number of animals at home, without being able to meet all their needs. These “collectors” usually suffer from a mental illness called animal hoarding, which unfortunately leads to the ill-being of the companions they cherish so much.

Numerous stray cats have been reported around a home in Connecticut

In June, a complaint was lodged to report that a house in Connecticut was surrounded by many stray cats. The authorities intervened and uncovered an unimaginable sight. The house in question was not only surrounded by cats, it was filled with them!

Many shelters have helped

Many shelters have come to the scene to help. Initially, they had found a hundred cats, 2 dogs, as well as a ferret. Which was already very important. But over time, other cats that were just wandering around, or hiding in the walls, came along. In total, almost 200 felines were saved.

Crammed into the house, the cats had run out of food and were living in unsanitary conditions. “It took just over a month for staff, volunteers, our veterinary and mutual aid partners to respond to the situation and get the animals the help they needed, and they needed it badly.“, said Josh Kellythe city manager, to NBC Connecticut.

The whole town rallied

Beyond the shelters, the whole city mobilized in the face of this incredible discovery. Donations of money, time and cat food poured in and were of great help. The city manager recalls that another way to help is now to adopt one of the 200 cats to allow them to leave the shelters in which they are currently kept.

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