Near Vitré: Estelle tells how she saved puppies abandoned in the forest

Estelle with the four puppies she has been raising for over a month ©Le Journal de Vitré

From an indefensible act was born a beautiful story. Five abandoned puppies in the middle of nature, without even a box. This is the abominable discovery made by Is sheearly October 2022. A “disgusting” actis indignant this mother.

She then walks around the Pertre forest, near Vitré (Ille-et-Vilaine), with his eldest son looking for mushrooms. On the way back, she hears “very loud chirping”. And decides to take a closer look.

“I did my Brigitte Bardot”

“As there had been a hunt the day before, we thought it might have been a wounded animal. We went to see anyway. And there, we saw a puppy in a puddle. As we approached, we saw that there were four others right next to it. »

For Estelle, there is only one possible choice. Take them away. “I did my Brigitte Bardot”, she smiles before adding:

I love animals too much, I couldn’t let them die. They must have had a day or two. We took them as we could.

Is she

She immediately went to her veterinarian. Believing that they are Labrador-type dogs, the latter offers to keep them… to euthanize them. “I said no, too bad, I brought them home. »

The family, who lives in Erbrée, then organizes to collect these five puppies, which must be made to live with their two dogs.

Abandonment of animals: what does the law say?

According to the site, the abandonment of a domestic animal, or tamed, or held in captivity, is punishable by 3 years in prison and a fine of €45,000. When the abandonment is committed with an aggravating circumstance, the perpetrator incurs 4 years in prison and a fine of €60,000, unless the abandonment resulted in the death of the animal. If the abandonment led to the death of the animal, the author incurs 5 years in prison and a fine of €75,000.
In addition, the court may also pronounce a ban, permanent or not, on keeping an animal, and a ban on exercising permanently or for a maximum period of 5 years a professional or social activity, if this activity has made it possible to prepare or commit abandonment.
The judge may, instead of or at the same time as imprisonment, order that the convicted person complete an awareness training course on the prevention and fight against animal mistreatment, carried out at the expense of the convicted person.

Bottle every three hours

Fortunately, Estelle’s professional activity allows her to take care of it. “We got a heat lamp and put them in a laundry basket. I bought powdered milk and gave them a bottle every three hours, day and night, for two weeks. »

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To Estelle’s abnegation is added the natural instinct of one of these female dogs, who takes the little ones under her wing. “She took over to stimulate them to relieve themselves. Even today, she acts a little as if she were their mother, she protects them. »

Four out of five saved

Estelle assigns a colored collar to each puppy to differentiate them. Despite his efforts, one of them will not survive. The other four, three males and one female, follow normal growth.

“As for babies”, Estelle gradually spaced out the feeding times and then began to diversify their diet. “We improvised a park with pallets in our basement. The largest now weighs almost 3 kg. »

Moreover, their weight and their black coat cast doubt on their race. “We looked on the internet to make comparisons. They look more like Newfoundlands than Labradors. »

“I love them but they are not my dogs”

Today, Estelle believes she has accomplished her mission. ” I do not regret. They are saved and in great shape. But keeping them longer is inconceivable. “I love them, but they’re not my dogs. Feeding them is expensive. A box of milk of 30 euros lasts two days. And then, we will have to have them vaccinated. »

The goal is to find them a new family. Since our visit, several people have already contacted Estelle to adopt a puppy.

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