Narbonne: “to get everyone to agree”, Biocoop creates “pain-chocolatine” in its new bakery

The Biocoop teams are all mobilized for the finalization of their restaurant project “Le Colibri” which will open its doors on Saturday September 24th. This should follow the launch of the “la Mie Terra” bakery, inaugurated on Thursday, September 15, in the Terrabio Sud area, Plaisance area.

Under the guidance of Raymond Métaud, a trainer who has worked for years with Biocoop, the company’s bakers have made it their mission to produce “a very high quality bread, with natural sourdough. Obtained with slow kneading and after soaking the seeds to remove phytic acid and give it better digestibility“explains the specialist.

The teams that will be in charge of the catering are at work in the creation of the restaurant part which will be able to serve 25 covers from Monday to Friday at noon from the last week of September. Of course the ingredients will be organic, seasonal and from short circuits. As a result, the Colibri menu will change each season and a new menu will be offered every week.

The director of the Narbonnais group Didier Pontiac, the cooks, the bakers, the sellers who are all actors in their project and put their hands to the screwdriver and the palette to be coated, do not lose their sense of humor. In addition to the 18 varieties of bread offered, they produce pastries, including, “to make everyone agree“one of them will be sold under the name of “pain-chocolatine”.

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