Narbonne: Isabelle Fornairon, new president of the bar association

Lawyer Isabelle Fornairon succeeds Charles-Etienne Sanconie. She is the second woman to hold this position.

Me Isabelle Fornairon, a lawyer for 35 years, took up her duties as president of the bar at the beginning of January, succeeding Me Charles-Etienne Sanconie. She had been elected by her peers in December 2020. As is customary within the Narbonne bar, she accompanied the president in office for a year before taking over. Aftere Paola Belloti is the second woman to head the Narbonne Bar Association. “The mission of the chairman is to represent the bar association with the heads of jurisdiction, to settle any problems between lawyers or with the magistrates, to also be an interlocutor with the public authorities, politicians and civil society”, she recalls. The president is the spokesperson for the lawyers registered in his bar. He has a real function of arbitration between lawyers and a function of conciliator when a dispute opposes a lawyer and his client. It is also he who appoints court-appointed lawyers.

During the two years of her mandate, she intends to inspire “a dynamic carrying the voice of lawyers”. “Despite the current context which is not easy, I wish to work with all the actors of the judicial world, in good intelligence, so that the Narbonne jurisdiction is as efficient as possible, in the interest of all litigants.” And to specify: “We want to work to make the system more fluid.” And all this: “Without Selling Our Soul”.

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