Nantes vineyard. Their brewery robbed, they broadcast the video of the criminals

The burglary took place around 5 a.m. on Wednesday morning. ©DR

The scene lasts less than two minutes. The pictures in black and white are those of a surveillance camera from bar Restaurant Tonton’s canteen, located in the Dorices industrial zone in Vallet. They show two individuals hooded and equipped with a lampforce and break a gate to enter the establishment. “After trying to break down a door”, says an employee.

Then they took the two crates and left. Not without throwing a kind of foam and smoke to erase their tracks.

As often the harm will be more related to repairs and at cleaning of the premises more than a loss of numerary. “We will have to repair the openings and replace the boxes which, of course, had no money in them”, adds the employee. Not knowing the toxicity of the product scatteredthe managers have also decided to replace all toys and furniture children’s corner.

A car stolen in Vendée

Despite this shockthe trade was able to reopen at the end according tomidday after the washing of the 800m2 of surface. The car of the malefactors has also been filmed.

The license plate shows that the vehicle was stolen the day before in Cugand, Vendée

An employee.

A element given by internet users after the video was broadcast on the social networks. A decision to solicit testimonialsespecially from other victims.

In this industrial area, a artisan specialize in works of metal frame, of cover and of siding has also been robbed the August 12 last.

On site for findingsthe gendarmerie opened a judicial investigation.

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