Nancy. The restaurant-coffee shop Bagelstein is for sale

The business on rue du Pont-Mouja will once again turn a page in its recent history.

The Bagelstein brand, the leader in bagel fast food in France, is for sale.

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Its owner, Richard Zafrani, 56, former boss of the Céline brand, who had legal disputes with the LVMH group in 2010, says “to have reached the end of this project”.

Three employees

“I opened Bagelstein on April 9, 2013, he confides on Monday August 29. But today, I’m exhausted. At the end of a lot of things. I currently have three employees, one full-time and two part-time, but it’s never easy to find them. I work sixty hours a week. Pedestrianization is already difficult the days when it is set up… And then, I come to the end of the contract with the brand. This is the right time to stop. »

Richard Zafrani, who achieved turnover of €300,000 in good years, decided to put his business up for sale at €120,000.

The boss will be able to deposit his paintings and souvenir photos. And his plaque that he had affixed to the wall, near the counter, in 2013. The end of a story. And tomorrow ? “I don’t know what I’m going to do,” he said.

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