Nanchez. She raises organic snails, he raises sled dogs

It all started with a slightly eccentric idea for Laurianne Schoff who, after studying heritage enhancement and a job at the Permanent Center for Environmental Initiatives in Haut-Jura, wanted to retrain. She decides to start farming snails. “I like to eat them so why not have my own organic farm? The idea being to offer large grays raised in the open air, processed on site with fresh, local products. »

Intense days

His companion, after training in the mountain professions and as a nature animator, wanted to “bring some punch back into his professional life”. Hence the idea of ​​discovering the heritage and building environmental activities around the dog. He created Terre et Neige in 2009 and offers dog sled rides, especially for young children and people with disabilities. And Franck Schmitt does not stop there since he launches out in the competition of mushers and aligns himself on the raised races with results in the key.

Reconciling his two animal activities with the family life of three children requires organization but neither of them regrets their choices. “We have a certain quality of life, an ideal working environment. Throughout the year, Franck devotes himself to his job as a musher and takes care of the more physical part of snail farming, such as setting up parks or handling snails.

Laurianne buys her gastropods from a breeder, places them in a pen in May, begins harvesting in September and slaughtering in October. Without forgetting visits to the farm, sales at the surrounding organic markets and fairs, tasting services at events and the administrative part of Terre et Neige.

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A joint Gaec project

Currently, the activity of musher begins at 5 am to train the dogs in the cool in view of the temperatures and then return home to take care of the children before school. As for Laurianne, she gets down to packaging the various preparations in the kitchen in order to be ready for the end-of-year rush. The project would be to create a Gaec, a single entity called The 2-speed Farm, a reference to the slowness of snails and the speed of dogs. A beautiful complementarity and complicity that is felt within this passionate couple.

Trémontagne snails 15 bis Prénovel de bise 06 87 27 86 42 Terre et Neige sled dogs 06 71 49 02 86.

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