Nala, Rio, Simba… Discover the most popular dog names in 2022

Disney, Marvel, Pixar… To find the name of their dog, their masters are obviously inspired by cartoons and comics. In any case, this is indicated by the ranking of the most popular dog names in 2022 published on Tuesday by the Rover site, an organization for connecting owners and pet sitters.

According to this list relayed by the HuffPost, the most popular name for a female dog is Nala. The podium is completed by Luna and Ruby. Among the males, the ranking is dominated by Rio, followed by Simba and Rocky. Note that “classic” names are resisting in the top 10 with Lucky, Jack, Max or Marley.

The year of the “T”

Whether The Lion King is therefore well represented (Nala, Simba) as well as other Disney (Toulouse, Duchess, Baloo), the Marvel universe also inspires dog owners. Bruce, Hulk, Peter (Spiderman), Thor or even Wanda (Wanda vision) are on the rise.

Other masters are also finding ideas… in food with the rise of the Macaron (+592%) and Biscuit (+492%) names. Even more surprisingly, the world of wine and beverages is also a source of inspiration with Syrah (+408%) and Scotch (+392%). For purebred dogs, 2022 is the year of the “T”. Tessa, Texas, Tobby, Tempo or even Tia are in vogue.

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