Mysterious virus in the United States: fifty dogs die in Michigan, after three days of symptoms

More than fifty young dogs died in a few weeks in Michigan, in the United States.

But what is this mysterious disease that kills dogs in Michigan? For several weeks, more than fifty dogs have died in the United States, in the state of Michigan alone, reports CNews.

What are the symptoms ?

According to information from CNN, the animals, most of which were less than 2 years old, showed symptoms of vomiting, bloody diarrhea, lethargy and loss of appetite.

According to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development quoted by ABC Newsthe infection could be similar to canine parvovirus.

“This virus attacks the cells of the intestine causing hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. It also attacks the white blood cells, causing a weakening of the immune system and therefore an increased susceptibility to infections, in particular bacterial. This disease is mainly encountered in puppies, unvaccinated dogs and those living in the community. In the absence of treatment, affected dogs can unfortunately die,” explains the website of the Montreal Veterinary University Hospital Center.

However, despite this lead, the tests carried out on the samples taken from the dead canines in recent days are not all positive for a parvovirus, announced in a press release the Michigan Department for Agriculture and Rural Development, reports the Huffington Post.

According NBC Newsmost Michigan dogs with such symptoms died within three days, and most were under 2 years old

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