My Vegan Box, the first vegan box in French-speaking Switzerland

Dandelion honey, marshmallows without animal gelatin, cheese – or rather “false mage” – made from cashew nuts, vegan bolognese, a solid shampoo not tested on animals… For the past few months, it has been possible to receive on a monthly basis, in front of his door, a Swiss box containing several products made without animal exploitation. This is the approach of My Vegan Box, which aims to be ethical and eco-responsible, two non-negotiable bases for the founder of the start-up Angéline Cousineau.

Vegan for more than three years, the young woman wants to facilitate access and the transition to plant-based food: “There is everything to relearn, it’s a new way of life. On my scale, my vegan lifestyle was acquired, but I wanted to have an additional impact. Working in a company in line with her values ​​very quickly became obvious to her. Except that it turned out to be mission impossible to find a Swiss firm in the veganism sector, the development of the latter being still recent. She then decides to create her box. “I am French and the box concept was already known to me, there are more than 300 in my country, while in Switzerland there are very few. So I wanted to bring it here.”

Animal ethics at the center

My Vegan Box, these are boxes delivered throughout the country, operating with a subscription system (at 35 fr. the classic box, 55 fr. the premium). Angéline Cousineau wishes to promote small and medium-sized Swiss and European traders. “My selection of suppliers is made according to their ethical and eco-responsible dimension.”

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It also makes it a point of honor to support the animal cause, to “give back to the animals”: ​​2% of the profits from the boxes are donated to the La Bouche qui Rit refuge in Valais. The aim of the non-profit association is to “save farm animals that are mistreated or destined for butchery”. For Angéline, the subscriber of My Vegan Box thus participates “directly to animal welfare”. To publicize the company on a larger scale and ensure its sustainability, the Friborg start-up has just launched a crowdfunding project, which will last until the end of September.

My Vegan Box

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