Murder of Lola: the main suspect imprisoned, her lawyer asks that the “rumors” stop

At the end of the debate behind closed doors, Me Alexandre Silva introduced himself to the press, stating straight away: “Despite my status as a defense lawyer, I am thinking of the family of little Lola, of the parents of little Lola, and I obviously have no idea of ​​the trauma and the horror that these may be going through at the moment”.

“Right now I find it absolutely inhuman to let gossip that is unverified, undiscussed, that has never been in the process and thus burden (Lola’s family) with two things that never took place and which are absolutely not envisaged”, he continued.

The lawyer thus dismissed the “rumor” of a murder which would be linked to organ trafficking, which “has never been part of the debates” and which “will never be part of it”.

Earlier in the evening, the Paris prosecutor’s office had indicated in a press release that the suspect “did not mention to the investigators the slightest exchange about the sale of organs that she would have had with one of the witnesses”.

The lawyer also swept away the hypothesis of “rituals on children”: “There too it’s nonsense”, he insisted.

“So these rumors have to stop and we try to think (…) of the horror that the family of the victim is going through and it is not necessary to overwhelm them with rantings of this kind”, Mr. Silva asked again.

While the press spoke of “psychic disorders” which would affect the respondent, the lawyer assured that “this criminal irresponsibility which will be raised during the investigation is a usual procedure in criminal matters, it does not there is no reason to infer anything from it as it stands”.

The lawyer recalled that his client “benefits from the presumption of innocence”.


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