Murder investigation opened after four dismembered bodies found in river

In the United States, a murder investigation was opened after the discovery of four dismembered bodies in a river located in the small town of Okmulgee, in Oklahoma; local police announced on Monday.

The victims have been identified. These are four friends who had been missing since the evening of Sunday, October 9. They had then left the home of one of them on their bicycles; reports the American media CNN.

Another mysterious disappearance

An important research device had been launched. Finally, the investigators discovered this Friday the four dismembered bodies in a river in the city. An autopsy confirmed that they were indeed the missing persons, aged between 29 and 32. The medical examiner also identified traces of bullet wounds.

For their part, the investigators found clues revealing “an episode of great violence” in a landfill in the city and are interested in the owner of the neighboring land. This man, who is not considered a suspect at this stage, disappeared the day of the macabre discovery, said the police chief during a press conference. According to him, the four victims were fomenting “a criminal act” at the time of their disappearance. “A witness reported being invited to join them in ‘doing a pretty juicy shot for everyone’,” the policeman said without giving details.

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