more than 70 dogs rescued from unsanitary conditions in Maisons-Alfort

The Animal Assistance Foundation intervened on Monday morning to rescue 65 dogs and eight puppies left to fend for themselves in a Maisons-Alfort pavilion.

“It’s an apocalyptic scene of a layer of dirt mixed with animal filth that explodes in our faces”, describes the Animal Assistance Foundation. The association intervened in a Maisons-Alfort pavilion on Monday to rescue dogs living in unsanitary conditions.

The operation was carried out jointly with the services of the DDPP 94, she explains in a press release relayed by 20minutes.

No hygienic conditions

The Foundation has stumbled upon a scene of horror. She discovers 65 dogs and eight puppies covered in fecal matter living in filth and urine: “a thick film of urine and frass covers the floor of this house ravaged by filth.”

“A sludge of faeces has completely taken over this house: not a single square meter is spared! Even the dogs!”, is it written in their press release.

Purebred dogs, eagle, spitz, shiba, bulldog, bichons, terriers, are however not alone. Their owners, a couple, live there according to the Foundation “with total indifference of discernment”.

The animals were seized for the benefit of the Foundation and placed in its shelters to receive the necessary care and a veterinary check-up.

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