Montpellier: the SPA takes in five laboratory dogs

Five beagles used for medical experimentation have been entrusted to the Montpellier SPA by an association which rehabilitates animals from laboratories. Fearful but healthy, they seek a new home.

Once a year, the Graal Animal Reflection and Action Group collects laboratory dogs destined to be euthanized. This year, five beagles were entrusted to the Montpellier SPA with the aim of being adopted. “The guinea pigs are often euthanized, thanks to the partnership between the Grail and the laboratories, some can be saved”explains Annie Benezech, director of the SPA in Montpellier.

“In good health”

In France, more than 3,000 dogs are used for pharmaceutical trials, most often beagles known for their kindness. After collecting them, the SPA will proceed to their mandatory sterilization for adoption. “The dogs are in good health, they have been followed by educators and fortunately have no sequelae from their passage in the laboratory”, continues the director of the center. Adoptable at the beginning of September, the interviews for their new homes require a check of the reception conditions such as a cover letter and a verification of the residence.

Tests still very widespread

Despite the ban on testing cosmetic products on animals in France since 2013, medical and toxicological experiments are still widespread in Europe. Each year, 12 million animals are thus sacrificed on our continent and very few are saved by associations.

For adoption, a cover letter should be sent to

SPA Montpellier, RD 185 – place called Carré du Roi 34750 Villeneuve les Maguelone.

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