Montceau – A roof and a canteen for homeless cats, operation Paws of Velvet

No need to book, the dormitories and the canteen are available. We are not talking about a hotel or a restaurant but about feeding points for stray cats in the districts of Montceau-les-Mines as there are already some near the Montceau hospital or at Les Essarts in Sanvignes and even on Opac land in Le Plessis.

From now on, in Montceau, three new sites are dedicated to homeless cats, in the car park near the SNCF station, next to the kiosk in Bois du Verne and in the courtyard of the old school in La Sablière.

The Pattes de Velours association is at the origin of this initiative. Even if it is a question of bringing a little well-being to these animals without roof or master, the objective “is to channel them, locate them, identify them and sterilize them”, explains Martine Léger the president in the presence of the mayor and her first deputy.

Because you should know that there are more than a thousand stray cats that roam the territory of the Mining Basin. It is therefore a way of avoiding the multiplication of births.

The volunteers of the Pattes de Velours association do not spare their efforts to try to identify mainly cats before sterilizing them and regularly bring food in the form of kibble. Sterilization has a cost, “we also sterilize the males” emphasizes the president but thanks to the help of the municipalities (Montceau, Blanzy, Sanvignes and Saint-Vallier) who signed the agreement with 30 Million Friends, the bill which rises from €90 to €130 per animal, half of which is supported by the cities and the Foundation.

“Cats have to be protected, many are unhappy” specifies Marie-Claude Jarrot who recognizes that “for some inhabitants, it is sometimes complicated to take care of them”.

Caring for animals, cats in particular, as Velvetpaw does, causes certain reactions. “On the phone, I was told that the cats in the Bois du Verne were going to scratch the children”.

Who mentioned werewolves!



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