Monkey pox: first reported case of a dog infected by his masters

By Graziella L. Posted Aug 20, 2022 11:58 AM

While cases of monkey pox continue to increase in Europe and France, a first case concerning a dog was declared recently. He would have been contaminated by his masters in Paris.

For several months, the monkey pox is spreading in European countries and across the world. So far, there had been no declared case of transmission between humans and domestic animalsbut the scientific journal The Lancet indicated on August 10 that a dog had been infected in Paris by his masters. Those are two mencarriers of smallpox, who transmitted the virus to their greyhound, in June 2022.

Their dog, a four-year-old male, reported lesions twelve days after the two men tested positive for monkeypox. No medical history, the animal presents abdominal pustules and a fine anal ulceration. After a PCR test, the diagnosis is confirmed. The pet sleeps with the two men but the latter indicated that they prevented any contact between the dog and other animals or humans during this period.

This case is a first, whereas only wild animals such as primates or rodents had been declared. Scientists mention in their study “the hypothesis of a real canine disease, and not of a simple carrying of the virus by close contact with humans or by air“. Further investigations will be carried out to study the transmission via pets.

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