Monkey pox: a case of transmission between a human being and a dog, the WHO calls for vigilance

According to her, this risk, theoretical, had been taken into account beforehand and public health agencies had already warned infected people of “to stand away from their pets. However, she pointed out that the “waste management is essential” to reduce the risk of contamination from rodents and other animals outside the home.

The transmission of a virus from one species to another often raises concerns, because it multiplies the chances of a possibly more dangerous mutation. No information at this stage, however, allows us to say that this is the case for monkeypox, assured Rosamund Lewis. “It is nevertheless certain that as soon as the virus moves into another environment affecting another population, there is obviously a possibility that it develops differently and mutates differently”she warned.

The main concern is for animals living outside the home. “The most dangerous situation arises when a virus moves through a small mammalian population with a high density of animals”told reporters the director of emergencies at the WHO, Michael Ryan. “It is through the process of one animal infecting the next and the next and the next that you see a rapid evolution of the virus”he pointed out.


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