Monday whispers: Jean Imbert celebrates his 1st birthday at the Plaza-Athénée, Flora Mikula at the Café de l’Alma, Christelle Brua says goodbye to the Elysée Palace, Anthony Bisquerra leaves Megève and Alpaga, pastry chefs in Moselle, Romain Meder at Primard, Louis de Funès and gastronomy at Saint-Raphaël | Gilles Pudlowski’s blog

Jean Imbert celebrates his 1st birthday at the Plaza-Athénée

Jean Imbert at the Relais-Plaza © GP

Who would have bet a kopek (or a hundred) on the future of Jean Imbert at the Plaza-Athénée when it was a question of renewing Alain Ducasse’s contract there? Exactly one year after starting out at the Relais Plaza and after winning a star in the place’s former gastro table, the winner of Top Chef 2012 is in top form and in his future, having brought in a bit of youth and not Lack of relaxation as well as gaiety in the palace on Avenue Montaigne, which has become a trendy place under his leadership. While the people and gourmets revel in the Relais, thelangoustine mayo with Thermidor head, artichoke and mimosa vinaigrette, warm oysters with champagne sabayon, 1962 sea bream gratin, Grenoble-style roasted turbot and Perche chard, crispy veal sweetbreads, chanterelle mushrooms and yellow wine or giant floating island and minute , everyone here is fighting for a place. Jean Imbert, who woke up a sleeping beauty whose great service seems motivated as ever, proves there that with a valiant heart nothing is impossible!

Flora Mikula at the Café de l’Alma

Flora Mikula with Jeanne and Christiane Boudon © DR

She is everywhere, in Reims, Biarritz, Bordeaux. And even in Paris! Flora Mikula came to give some energy to the kitchen of the Café de l’Alma. The Boudons, who own the Fontaine de Mars a stone’s throw away, but also the Eclair and the Petit Lutetia not far away, have seen their flagship, located at 5 avenue Rapp, opposite the Russian church on quai Branly, in a trendy place, chic, slightly British and warm under the seal of designers Gilles & Boissier. It’s Jeanne, the Boudon’s daughter, who sticks to it, managing this renovated and young place, where you can now play the modern version of mezzé (with falafels, pizzette, tarama and guacamole), tease shellfish stuffed with tarragon butter, octopus with piquillo-grilled vegetables such as linguine with lobster or the beautiful rib of beef from the Boedec butcher. The Boudons, who bought the Petit Lutétia, rue de Sèvres, while selling the 41 Mozart, are refocusing with precision on their core target: traditional cuisine skilfully brought up to date.

Christelle Brua says goodbye to the Elysée

Christèle Brua © Stéphane de Bourgies

In May 2019, she left the Pré Catelan for the Elysée, replacing the head pastry chef, Fabien Cocheteux, who, having come from Negresco, was leaving for the private sector. Now she is doing the opposite. Christelle Brua, Moselle of character, native of Sarrebourg, whose parents formerly held the Auberge de Grand Soldat near Abreschviller, trained at the Soldat de l’An II in Phalsbourg then at the Arnsbourg in Baerenthal, had obtained the three stars with his Lorraine compatriot from Nancy, Frédéric Anton She explained it this week, on her instagram page, with this nice farewell word: “After 3 years rich in emotion, it is time for me to turn the Elysian page and devote myself fully to my future project. Thank you to the President of the Republic and to Mrs Brigitte Macron for their trust, their benevolence, their support and their listening. Thanks also to @guillaume_gomez for allowing me to join the kitchens of the Presidency. Thank you for your trust and your friendship, I realized a dream thanks to you. But also for giving me so many things, I learned so much by your side 🙏🏽 So stay tuned! I can’t wait to share my new adventure with you!!! I’ll tell you very soon! » Gossips will still point out that she does not say a word about the current head of the Elysée, the MOF Fabrice Desvignes, with whom, however, she has been working for a year and a half…

Anthony Bisquerra leaves Megève and Alpaga

Anthony Bisquerra (centre) at the Alpage © GP

He lasted five years in Megève, obtaining two stars at the Alpaga, a luxury and charming hotel on the Rochebrune massif, where he also managed a quality bistro. Anthony Bisquerra leaves his place, Megève and the mountain, eager to return to his region of origin. This native of Bordeaux, who went to the Sources de Caudalie with Nicolas Masse and to Christopher Coutanceau in La Rochelle, is about to leave for a brand new project, still secret, somewhere in Aquitaine, even if he cannot and does not want to say more, in order to create his universe and his home. For the moment, the Alpaca has not yet found his successor and Anthony Bisquerra should still be present at the handover.

Pastry cooks in Moselle

François Daubinet, Nicolas Paciello, Michaël Bartocetti and Angelo Musa © DR

Like the three musketeers, there are four, four pastry chefs from Moselle, proving that the department closest to the borders (Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg) is undoubtedly the most prolific in quality pastry chefs: Michaël Bartocetti, from Thionville, who officiates at the Four Seasons George V, Nicolas Paciello, from Forbach, who works on his own account, under the sign of Cinq Sens, after having worked for the Prince of Wales and Fouquet’s Barrière, Angelo Musa, the MOF of the band, native from Nancy, but trained in Metz at Bourguignon, and who is the maestro of the Plaza Athénée in Paris, finally François Daubinet, a native of Thionville, former pastry chef at Fauchon, now a consultant. They will engage together, but in turn, in demonstrations for a weekend, the first of October, in Metz, where sweet indulgence is queen. The event will take place on October 1 and 2 at the FIM (Foire Internationale de Metz).

Romain Meder at Primard

Romain Meder © Nathalie Notebook

He risks everything, launches alone and without a net, replacing Eric Frechon at Primard. Romain Meder, who has not forgotten the great years spent alongside Alain Ducasse, notably at the Plaza Athénée, in his three-star restaurant, takes up the themes of “Naturality”, dear to the great AD, and works with the vegetables of the Primard gardens. In the former castle of Catherine Deneuve, in Guainville, in Eure-et-Loir, superbly renovated by the Fontenille group of aesthetes Frédéric Biousse and Guillaume Foucher, who also own hotels in the Landes, Menorca, Marseille and in the Luberon, it will be able to give its measure, both on the bistro and gastronomic side. Four formulas are staged: les Chemins, on the plant creation side, Octave, on the playful bistro side, the Table d’hôte and the Greenhouse. But also “circles in the water”, for spaces arranged along the water. Among his beautiful ideas born from the local vegetable garden, fermented beetroot, zucchini in melon wine or flaxseed tartlet sound like pretty promises for the future.

Louis de Funès and gastronomy in Saint-Raphaël

The exhibition poster © GP

He was the French Chaplin, had acted in 150 films, was the favorite actor of the French. He really needed a museum. Created by the town of Saint-Raphaël, just opposite the TGV station, in the town where “Le Corniaud” takes place, in particular thanks to the initiative of his granddaughter, the philosopher Julia de Funès, this museum evokes the career of this genius of laughter, of Spanish origin, who became a French icon. Gastronomy occupies an important place in his work and his career. With films like “Le Grand Restaurant”, where he portrays the indescribable Monsieur Septime, “l’Aile ou la Cuisse”, where he is the creator of the Duchemin guide, while he fights against junk food embodied by the ignoble Tricatel (Julien Guiomar in the film), without omitting the Traversée de Paris, where he is the butcher Jeambier, nor forgetting the “Cabbage Soup”. In Mr. Duchemin, Louis de Funès embodies the France of good taste, that of high-level gastronomy, the man capable of recognizing a Léoville Las Cases by eye! The museum and the city are therefore devoting an exhibition to him which bears the title “ French Gastronomy, Louis de Funès makes a big deal out of it and this until May 2023. Culinary demonstrations, tasting of the Pyramid of Septimius, celebration of terraces in town, cocktails and gourmet aperitifs take part in this popular event which makes Saint-Raphaël a significant partner of the year of gastronomy. in France. It is added that within the museum, the “Tricatel” machine of the Wing or the Cuisse, used to manufacture artificial fish and chicken, has been reconstructed with amusing meticulousness, like the restaurant room of the Auberge de Truite where Duchemin/DeFunès, disguised as an American tourist, is entitled to a low-level heroic-comic meal. Laughter guaranteed.

The museum © GP

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