Modern Warfare 2 x Burger King: What rewards and how to get them?

news tip Modern Warfare 2 x Burger King: What rewards and how to get them?

The wait for fans of the Call of Duty license is no longer very long! Indeed, in a few days, they will be able to get their hands on Modern Warfare 2, the new opus of the license. To celebrate, the fast food brand Burger King is launching a promotional operation with rewards.

An operation available in France!

The news fell on Twitter last night, relayed by the very serious account Charlie Intel, a reference in the world of Call of Duty. The fast food giant, Burger King has launched a promotional operation related to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022).

Often these operations, we say to ourselves that they are in countries other than ours, but this time, France also has the right to do so and the good news is that the operation is golden and already available in Burger Kings across the country ! On the program, in-game rewards.

How do I redeem my rewards? It’s simple, a Modern Warfare 2 menu has appeared and you just have to select it. Then simply enter the code at the bottom of the receipt at the address indicated. Thanks to this, you will have the possibility to add not one, but two rewards to your account.

What rewards for Modern Warfare 2?

The first of these rewards is a one-hour double experience bonus. In itself, it’s not a big reward and what will especially interest you is the second one which is quite simply an exclusive operator skin to unlock!

Indeed, you will have the right to an operator with a white t-shirt with the logo of Burger Town which strangely resembles that of Burher King. Finally, be aware that this operation is obviously limited in time and that you only have until November 21 to get your hands on the rewards.

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