Mobilization of the Castres Pastel Lions Club for guide dogs for the blind

On November 19, the Lions Club Castres Pastel is mobilizing to support the association of guide dogs for the blind in Toulouse in the Leclerc centers in Castres.

The Lions Club Castres Pastel is renewing its operation “30,000 apples for a blind guide dog” on November 19 in the shopping malls of the two Leclerc centers in Castres, that of the Lautrec road, at the exit of Castres (Lieu- said Plombière) and Leclerc from the Siala Zone towards Mazamet. The principle of this operation is simple. An apple sale is carried out by the volunteers of the Lions Club Castres Pastel in the Leclerc centers participating in this operation. The fruit of this collection is entirely donated to the association of guide dogs for the blind in Toulouse. Created in 1995, this structure aims to train and educate guide dogs who help visually impaired people to move around safely.

Greater safety for the visually impaired

This structure and its specialists also intervene to support visually impaired people in their personal, family, professional and social life. A guide dog provides greater safety for visually impaired people. It avoids obstacles and facilitates their movements, especially in crowds, but also when crossing an obstacle. It makes walking more fluid and performs searches at the request of the person (pedestrian crossing, doors, free seats, counters, etc.). It memorizes frequent routes and easily finds the return on new routes. It is also an affectionate pet and happy to guide its master. More information: Toulouse Grand Sud Guide Dogs Association, 44, rue Louis Plana – Toulouse, 05 61 80 68 01;

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