Mississippi and Louisiana fear flooding after heavy rains

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The United States continues to face extreme natural phenomena. After the fires and floods in the west, it’s the turn of the south.

With our correspondent in New York, Loubna Anaki

Evacuate immediately! This is the message of the mayor of Jackson to the inhabitants of this city of Mississippi. An evacuation order which particularly concerns neighborhoods which are not high up and which could find themselves under water in the next two days.

Because the authorities expect that the Pearl River which crosses the Mississippi and Louisiana out of its bed due to heavy rainfall in recent days. The water level could rise by 10 meters or more.

In anticipation, the governor of Mississippi has already declared a state of emergency and the emergency services are ready to intervene. The authorities preferred to anticipate this flood, because it could be similar to that which caused major flooding in 2020. Thousands of buildings had been damaged.

The evacuated residents were called upon to take enough to last two weeks away from home. The time it may take for the river to return to its bed.

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