Millas drama trial: the driver’s lawyers accuse the railway experts of “defending the interests of the SNCF”

Railway experts, Bernard Lerouge and Bernard Dumas came this Wednesday to deliver the consolidated version of their conclusions. They are crystal clear. “On the train side, everything was in order and the level crossing was normally closed when the train arrived“. The defense counter-attacked.

Skeptical of the experts’ version, lawyers for driver Nadine Oliveira are trying to destabilize railway specialists. “Gentlemen, the defense questioned your impartiality”, trumpeted Me Jean Codognès. He argues that “Bernard Lerouge is identified as a lobbyist in Brussels in a commission working to defend the interests of the SNCF”. The person responds. “Master, you mix up all my functions which require me, whatever they may be, to be perfectly neutral and impartial.”

Concerning Bernard Dumas, Me Codognès tries to drive the point home. “You are an essential element of the association of wagon keepers. You have a mandate from the SNCF to represent it and defend its interests”stings the lawyer. “We were appointed according to our skills, because we needed experts independent of the SNCF”, protests Bernard Dumas.

“But in your report, you write 18 times the word improbable and four times the word probable and you conclude with certainty. Your job was to find quick elements to clear the SNCF”, accuses the lawyer. Faced with the interested parties who retort: “Your words are only fantasies. The probabilities we are talking about are standardized on the basis of one case in billions”object the specialists put on the hot seat.

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