Millas drama trial: driver Nadine Oliveira sentenced to five years in prison, her lawyers appeal

This Friday, November 18, the Marseille Criminal Court rendered its decision concerning this terrible accident which occurred in December 2017 in Millas, near Perpignan (Pyrenees-Orientales), when a TER collided with a school bus at a crossing in level. Six children had lost their lives.

Epilogue. Five years after this terrible accident in Millas, during which six children died and fifteen others were injured, sometimes seriously, the criminal court of Marseille, the only city with Paris to host a center specializing in collective accidents, decided to sentence to five years in prison, including four suspended, the driver of the school bus hit by a TER at a level crossing on December 14, 2017, indicates The independent.

Nadine Oliveira’s driver’s license is also canceled. She does not have the right to take it again in the next five years and will no longer be able to work in the road transport sector.

The jury therefore chose to follow the prosecutor’s submissions rather than the request for release made by the driver’s lawyers.

The latter have already announced that they will appeal the conviction of their client.

Acknowledgment of carelessness

“This deliberation will not return their dead children to the parents, it will not repair the wounds of the injured children”, commented the president of the jury, quoted by our colleagues. According to her, although the facts are “involuntary”, the driver was guilty of a careless error.

“Nadine Oliveira must be found guilty of the charges”, she concluded at the time of the verdict.

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This judgment was rendered in the absence of the accused, Nadine Oliveira (53), still hospitalized in psychiatry, after having cracked in the middle of the trial before the victims of this accident.

Last Thursday, September 22, barely four days after the opening of her trial for homicide and involuntary injuries, the driver of the school bus, who has maintained since the start of the case that the level crossing barrier was open, had been as “lightned” in the middle of the hearing, in the words of one of his lawyers.

Painful trial

Taking an uncontrolled fit of tears in the face of the poignant testimonies of 17 teenagers injured in this tragedy, she ended up being evacuated by the marine firefighters, victim of a syndrome also called that of “broken heart”. Absent from the last two weeks of her trial, Ms. Oliveira, the only defendant in this painful case, was first admitted to cardiology, before joining a psychiatric hospital in Marseille.

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