Mexico: Venezuelan migrants seeking to join the United States in turmoil

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The United States recently announced an agreement to regulate Venezuelan migration to its territory. The US government will issue 24,000 visas to nationals of this Caribbean country which is going through a serious political and economic crisis. Problem: this new migration measure immediately excludes all Venezuelans who left their country on foot and/or entered Mexico illegally. In recent days, hundreds of Venezuelans have been deported from the United States and bussed to Mexico City.

From our correspondent in Mexico City,

In front of the Mexican Refugee Aid Commission, dozens of people are waiting. Most are of Venezuelan origin. This is the case of Georgina. Deported from Texas, she arrived the night before in Mexico City with nothing more than the clothes she was wearing and a small bag.

I was planning to go to the United States, but they brought us back here. There was a reform with a new measure and it affected a lot of people… It’s definitely a hard blow… firstly because we are not responsible for what happened to come to this decision and secondly because of the treatment we receive there… »

Until the last day, they didn’t give us a single form. In writing, no one contacted us. They just brought us back: they took us to the Mexican migration services and Mexico took care of transporting us here “. Here, she hopes to obtain papers so that she can stay in Mexico for a while: “ I want to work first, settle down a bit, stabilize first… »

Migratory dead end

Thousands of Venezuelans have plunged into a migratory impasse. Already gone, they cross a dozen countries on the way to the United States, but now they have no hope of being received at the border.

In southern Mexico, they accumulate in cities. ” How many people are stuck there every day, plus anyone in transit exclaims Marile Guevara. She runs a Venezuelan restaurant in Mexico City. Faced with the emergency, she collects donations with the help of volunteers: ” Underwear, coats, blankets, personal hygiene items, toothpaste, toothbrush… and food! For all migrants returning from the northern border or who have just crossed the forest between Panama and Colombia. »

Living in Mexico for 14 years, Marile is moved by the fate reserved for her compatriots: ” Those who come from the jungle, they come out of an absolutely inhospitable environment “, she explains. “ It’s terrifying and it breaks human beings in every possible way. When they get out, the only hope is for the nightmare to end. That’s why we decided to help, they are our fellow citizens… It’s very tragic, because they are all very young people… »

In September alone, more than 33,000 Venezuelan migrants were stopped by US authorities at the border.


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