Metropolis of Lyon. Laurent Gerra takes over 100% of the capital of Léon de Lyon and several restaurants

The mythical Léon de Lyon restaurant previously owned by Jean-Paul Lacombe was bought at the end of 2018 by comedian Laurent Gerra associated with Fabien Chalard and Julien Géliot, founder of the Les Gastronomistes group. The takeover of other establishments had followed, but following disagreements Laurent Gerra and Les Gastronomistes wanted to separate.

Léon de Lyon, Pléthore and Balthazar and the Chanteclair

An agreement was reached on August 19. The press release states that “Laurent Gerra has acquired 100% of the capital of renowned restaurants which were mainly held by Les Gastronomistes, namely Léon de Lyon, Pléthore et Balthazar and Chanteclair, in particular. Laurent Gerra, indeed wishes to participate in the development of these signs anchored in the culinary heritage of Lyon.

The Gastronomists, for their part, will focus their efforts on emblematic Houses such as the Bastide, the Passage and the Fer à Cheval, and henceforth wish to focus on the development of a pole in the hotel industry”.

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