Mess fire in Perpignan – Restaurants closed: hope for a recovery for the month of October

Mistinguett, the Divil, Chez Henri and the crêperie Aux Saveurs bretonnes have been closed since August 28. Officially for seven days but without real perspective. Because the Mess security site, which caught fire on the night of August 27 to 28, is perilous. This Friday, September 9, the frame of the building should be removed. Work is progressing, the City hopes that the four restaurants that have drawn the curtain can resume their activity in October.

The work to secure the Mess, the emblematic building next to the Castillet which was ravaged by a fire on the night of August 27 to 28, is continuing.

If, on the judicial side, the investigation continues to determine the origin of the fire, the building experts are also working to secure the site. While one of the corners of the building threatening to collapse had to be deconstructed and reinforced with metal, this Friday, September 9, the framework of the Mess should be removed from its original nest. Then, it will be deposited in front of the Amorino glacier before being cut into pieces to facilitate its transport.

A task that could take two to three working days. “To date, the walls are less attacked than we imaginedexplains Frédéric Guillemon, deputy delegate for trade. If, until then, we thought we had to install scaffolding all along the Mess, ultimately it should not be necessary.“. Finally the horizon of good news for the four neighboring restaurants, closed since the fire. Mistinguett, the Divil, Chez Henri and the crêperie Aux Saveurs bretonnes have had the curtain drawn since August 28. The City having immediately promulgated a seven-day shutdown inside the security perimeter. But, as soon as this announcement, some had no illusions about the renewal of this forced shutdown. “Personally, I never believed that we would resume anytime soonconfirms Morgane, the boss of Mistinguett. We still had a meeting this Monday with the town hall. They told us they were sorry but they didn’t have a reopening date to give us. We understand the problems related to the investigation and the security of the building, it’s a small mess. In the meantime, we’re going in circles. I juggle paperwork for insurance, I have 13 technically unemployed employees, rent and credit that continue to fall…

My goal is to reopen as soon as possible.

The restaurateur, who has already lost the Perpignan week of Visa, is now worried about missing the month of October, historically good for the business of food professionals in the city center. “This is the time when customers leave the coast and return to Perpignan. Anyway, it’s not good to close too long. My goal is to reopen as soon as possible. We know that we have a loyal clientele but, at the moment, they are necessarily going elsewhere. What I understand. But the longer we stay closed, the more we take the risk that she will take her habits in another establishment.“, dreads Morgane.

The trade representative says to himself “well aware” of the importance of the month of October for the restaurants-bars of the hypercentre. “After the cutting of the frame, it will be necessary to further strengthen the security of the site. We can count ten days. If we don’t have any setbacks, we hope that the restaurateurs will be reopened in October“. It remains to be seen in what condition. If the Mess is not surrounded by scaffolding, other technical installations could, for example, reduce the size of certain terraces.

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