Meghan Markle would have requested an interview with Charles III before his return to the United States

After the media storm caused by the death of Queen Elizabeth II, has calm returned to the royal family? In any case, Meghan Markle wanted to speak with King Charles III, according to a royal expert.

What does Meghan Markle intend to say to Charles III?

It was Neil Sean who reportedly told NBC News. According to a source from the royal expert, Meghan Markle allegedly sent a letter requesting a private conversation with the king Charles III, eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II. “It’s a very brave move on Meghan’s part. She would like to have a one-on-one conversation with the king,” he said.

But what conversation does Meghan Markle want to have? always according to neil-seanit may well be that the Duchess of Sussex would like to set things straight and explain the past two years. “It would be an opportunity to clarify things and to explain certain things that have happened over the past two years”, he analyzed, also evoking the courage of the wife of the prince harry in this approach. It remains to be seen if this interview will take place before the couple returns to California. And if so, will Charles III listen to Meghan Markle?

A peaceful reunion in the royal family?

These last ten days have been trying to say the least for the royal family. Not only that, all of them faced a painful mourning. And although anticipated, it was also feared. For good reason, each member of the royal family was observed to the nearest gesture. Inevitably, the return of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry alongside William and Kate Middleton has been widely commented on.

We also saw the Duke and Duchess of Sussex deeply moved during this period of mourning and especially during the funeral. If Prince Harry was moved during the ceremony, Meghan Markle was also seen with tears in her eyes in the face of the tributes devoted to the Queen of England Elizabeth II. It was therefore a long-awaited reunion for the members of the royal family, but also very oppressive in the face of media exposure.

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