McDonald’s opens the Christmas season with its two new drinks!

Christmas is coming. And that McDonald’s knows it well. So, the fast-food firm has just added two new drinks to its menu to last all winter. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

To satisfy the taste buds of its customers, McDonald’s always offers new products on its menu. Yes, the American firm is constantly innovating.

Thus, the finest gourmets have noticed the arrival of new products at McDonald’s restaurants. For example, a whole new chicken burger disembarks permanently.

The latter is called the McCrispy. With its tender chicken, mayonnaise and black pepper, this new burger has already won over British customers. Yes, because the McCrispy is only available in England for the moment.

But don’t panic, other products have indeed arrived in France. Thereby, the Royal Deluxe range has made a comeback in McDonald’s fast food restaurants.

Thereby, the Royal Cheese, Royal Deluxe and Royal Deluxe Bacon are now on the menu. But we must hurry. The firm has indicated that they will not remain on the menu for long!

But beyond the burgers, McDonald’s is giving more and more importance to its McCafĂ©. Yes, that’s why with the arrival of Christmas, the brand is launching two new drinks to warm you up during the winter. MCE TV tells you more!

McDonald’s celebrates the arrival of Christmas

While Halloween has just ended, McDonald’s is already focused on the Christmas period. Indeed, in a little less than two months, everyone will meet to spend the end of the year together.

So, to accompany people in the winter and make them wait, McDonald’s has thought of everything. Indeed, from November 3, two new hot drinks are arriving in fast food.

First, there’s a new hot chocolate. The firm describes it as a silky candy made with chocolate syrup ». This drink can even be enjoyed with whipped cream.

As for the second drink, it is a waffle caramel milk. Thus, gourmets will have the feeling of eating a waffle, with a caramel cream. Yum !

To stick to the winter spirit, McDonald’s even went into detail. Indeed, these two drinks will be served in cups in the colors of Christmas. Ideal for a hot snack!

This is not the first time that McDonald’s has surfed the Christmas period. Indeed, on many occasions, the firm has launched exclusive products.

For example, McDonald’s had already created a McFlurry in honor of the holiday season. This dessert included pieces of Reindeer Maltesers. Something to evoke the spirit of Christmas!

In addition to these two drinks, it remains to be seen whether McDonald’s will launch specific menus and expand its offer. No doubt this initiative will delight fans of fast food and winter. Case to follow!

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