McDonald’s is partnering with a famous brand of donuts and it promises!

Donuts at McDonald’s? This is what could happen thanks to this collab between the fast food brand and the Krispy Kreme brand.

McDonald’s is doing a small scale donut test. In effect, the famous fast-food brand may be teaming up with Krispy Kreme. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Changes at McDonald’s

Since the beginning of 2022, the menu at McDonald’s keeps changing. Indeed, the fast-food brand is trying new things.

In January 2022, McDonald’s added his first vegan burger to its permanent menu in England. So good news for the many people who have adopted this diet.

This is the McPlant. The latter is composed of a vegan meat patty, a slice of faux-mage made with pea protein and finally, a vegan sauce.

In addition, you will find mustard, onions, pickles, ketchup, lettuce and tomatoes. the whole in a vegan sesame bun. In short, it promises!

In addition, on the French side, McDonald’s will add a new chicken burger on its permanent menu. This is the McCrispy.

The appetizing burger consists of a 100% crispy chicken breast fillet. Marinated in black pepper and cayenne pepper. It is topped with a classic mayonnaise with cracked black pepper,” Tyla explained.

Before continuing: “It’s sandwiched in an artisanal iced bun. With a mild roasted nutty flavor. The brioche is made with sourdough before being glazed and sprinkled with sesame seeds”.

But that’s not all ! McDonald’s does not forget its desserts either. In effect, the brand is testing a collab with a famous brand of donuts. MCE TV tells you more!

Donuts for dessert?

“This small-scale test will help us understand how offering new bakery products like the Krispy Kreme could impact our restaurant operations”explains McDonald’s.

Yes, you will have understood it, the sign is in the test phase to soon offer donuts for dessert to its customers. Something to delight many of them!

And for that, they do not associate with just anyone. In effect, it is with the brand Krispy Kreme that McDonald’s is in discussion.

Testing to begin October 26, 2022 at nine McDonald’s restaurants in Louisville, Kentucky. And this, for a limited time.

The restaurants concerned will then offer three varieties of donuts: an original ice cream, a chocolate ice cream with sprinkles and a raspberry stuffed donut.

Customers will then have a choice. They can take just one or go on a six pack. Something to please the whole family.

Krispy Kreme, meanwhile, seem thrilled with this collab. “This is our first partnership with McDonald’s in the United States. We are constantly looking for new ways to increase access to fresh, homemade donuts”they said in a statement.

It remains to be seen whether these tests will be conclusive.. Hoping that these donuts end up arriving in McDonald’s in France. To be continued !

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