McDonald’s is celebrating Christmas by releasing two delicious new drinks!

On Twitter, McDonald’s announced the arrival of two new drinks to celebrate Christmas ahead of time. Find out what it is.

If Mariah Carey has already launched Christmas, McDonald’s is not left out either. Indeed, the fast-food brand has just announced great news on Twitter. Soon, two new hot drinks will land in restaurants.

A la carte novelties

But before Christmas, the firm had to please its customers. And that means adding new burgers or sauces to the menu. Since several weeks, new sauces are available at McDonalds. These are the Deluxe, Big Tasty and Big Mac sauce.

And the least we can say is that they are a huge success. Even bigger than the other sauces that McDonald’s put on sale several years ago. But another addition has been a big hit in recent weeks.

We do not talk veggie burger, not yet available with us, but indeed Happy Meal adult version. A Happy Meal that includes bigger burgers than originally planned. And it seems that the adults have validated it.

However, some wonder what will be hot drinks offered by the firm. As mentioned above, these will already immerse you in the magic of Christmas. While the party will be celebrated in more than a month.

Just go to the firm’s Twitter account to find out what it’s all about. McDonald’s making its announcement through the following caption:Do we hear the countdown to Christmas calling? ». Could we read on the Liverpool Twitter account.

This one adding:Our new McCafé range is out TODAY. With our delicious Latte Caramel Waffle. And our rich Deluxe Hot Chocolate to help you with your Christmas shopping…..”. Mouth watering.

McDonald’s releases two new hot drinks

But as you will no doubt have understood, this concerns, for the moment, that fast food across the Channel. Hoping that the product lands in France, here is what you need to know about them.

As noted our colleagues from Tuxboardluxury hot chocolate is described in a precise way.“A silky treat made with chocolate syrup”. Let’s learn more about knowing that a whipped cream supplement may be requested.

As for the caramel waffle latte, you can enjoy a waffle caramel milk. With this drink, you will be entitled to a “feeling of eating a waffle, with caramel cream”according to McDonald’s.

The media recalls that this is not the first time that McDonald’s has launched such a campaign. Last year, for example, it was possible to eat the Mariah Menu. A special McDonald’s menu in the image of Mariah Carey as you will have understood.

The star herself had highlighted the menu. By stating in particular:“All I want for Christmas is…that you were all trying the Mariah Menu at McDonald’s”. She said, repeating the words of her cult piece which comes out every year at this time.

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