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As Christmas approaches, McDonald’s opens the season of festivities and unveils two new drinks dedicated to this season!

Halloween is barely over when we are already thinking about Christmas. Young and old alike will be able to come and enjoy the two new McDonald’s hot drinks, available especially for the season.

McDonald’s is already opening the Christmas season

It’s official ! McDonald’s is already celebrating the Christmas period. For the occasion, the American firm did not do things by halves and thought of everything.

Indeed, it comes from us reveal on Twitter two novelties of the season. Two new hot drinks arrive in all McDonald’s.

Do we hear the countdown to Christmas calling? Our new McCafé range released TODAYalong with our delicious Caramel Waffle Latte and rich Hot Chocolate Deluxe to help you with your Christmas shopping….. announces the fast food restaurant. Yum !

To the delight of its customers, its two new drinks are therefore available today. Whether it’s the caramel waffle latte or the luxury hot chocolate, these two drinks are perfect for hold out for the cold winter days ahead.

Luxury hot chocolate is described as “a silky candy made with chocolate syrup. » Gourmands can even ask for an extra whipped cream!

As for the caramel waffle latte, it is actually a waffle caramel milk. The fast-food guarantees with this drink a real “ feeling of eating a wafflewith caramel cream. »

But that’s not all ! Christmas lovers will even have the right to taste them in cups in Christmas colors. (and yes, the small details are important.) How can you resist these two new hot drinks? …

Christmas in the spotlight every year

Every year McDonald’s sets the bar high for the season. On the occasion of the end-of-year celebrations, the American fast-food always bursting with new ideas.

Remember! Last year, the firm offered a special menu imagined by the Christmas star aka Mariah Carey: the Mariah Menu.

All what i want for christmasit’s… you all try the Mariah Menu at McDonald’s. “had thus announced the star in a promotional video.

Dressed in a long red sequined dress, the 50-year-old singer then added: “ My Christmas wish was granted this year: my own menu at one of my favorite restaurants. »

The fast food chain was thus unanimous with this menu available in special edition. But that’s not all, McDonald’s had already imagined a McFlurry special end of year celebrations.

To celebrate the spirit of Christmas, the ice cream was served with delicious pieces of Maltesers in the shape of a reindeer. And this year, it’s not a menu bearing the image of the star or an ice cream, but two new hot drinks that are on the program.

This new McCafé range is already mouth-watering! But beyond its two new drinks, McDonald’s also announced the return of a potential special menu for Christmas ?

So far, nothing is official yet, these are just rumors. However, the great return of the royal range is for real! Now, Royal Cheese, Royal Deluxe and Royal Deluxe Bacon are all 3 available for a limited time.

You will understand, you will not miss the opportunity to go to your favorite fast food restaurant by the end of December.

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